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  • Who is CarCostCanada

    We are Canada's #1 choice for New Car buyers and the nation's Most Trusted Online New Car Pricing Service. Since 1999 we have provided Canadian New Car Buyers with access to our proprietary Wholesale Price Reports. 
    Complementing the Wholesale Price Reports, we also have an in-house team of automotive professionals with an accumulated 100 years of experience and a Canada-Wide New Car Dealer Network

  • Why you should Never Buy or Lease a New Car without a CarCostCanada Wholesale Price Report

    Our proprietary Wholesale Price Reports include New Car Invoice (Dealer Cost) Information, Advertised and NON-Advertised Cash Incentives, CASH Rebates, Special Financing and Lease Rates. You will also receive a referral to a New Car Dealer that is committed to providing a seamless and extremely satisfying purchase experience along with great prices!

  • Learn How to Buy your Next New Car the CarCostCanada way

    The CarCostCanada way of buying has taken the "guess work" out of the buying process and eliminated the need to travel from Dealer to Dealer with the hope of getting a discount from a professional salesperson.
    Simply use the Wholesale Price Report to determine the exact cost, making sure you deduct the incentives. Then, add a margin or profit (dealers love the word profit) of typically anywhere from 3% to 5% over cost to arrive at a purchase target price.
    Be sure to use our recommended dealer.