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An all New CarCostCanada is launched

July 9, 2013
Eli Oszlak  

Welcome to the all-new CarCostCanada. I am really pleased to welcome you to our new web site. No doubt you have already noticed several changes.

We have been working on this upgrade to our flagship auto pricing data web site for some time. This is actually the 5th version of CarCostCanada to be deployed since 1999. Since that time we have been providing Canadian new car shoppers and buyers with timely, reliable and accurate new car price data on virtually every new car and light truck sold in Canada.

Over two hundred thousand (200,000) people have become CarCostCanada members.

Our members report that they save on average $1,350 on each new car purchased.

Saving you money, is only part of what makes a CarCostCanada membership worthwhile. Not only do our members report saving a lot of money, they also report that having a CarCostCanada Wholesale Price Report makes the entire purchase experience much easier and enjoyable.

Having our Wholesale Price Report allows our members to focus on the most important part of the new vehicle purchase; the NEW VEHICLE. This is possible because the guess work is removed from the purchase process. Our members know what the dealer paid for the vehicle. The dealer will know that their customer knows.

When everyone is on a level playing field, the transaction is simplified and pleasant.

Our all new web site introduces several new features;
  The entire site runs within a secure environment using SSL to protect your personal data
  We have replaced the Member Profile, and launched a Member Dashboard that contains an all new look and new user friendly features
  We have made it easier to use our Build and Price tools, you just need to click "Get Started"
  We have revised the member login process to enable you to stay logged in without having to re-enter your information
  You can now logout of our system to ensure that your session has ended
  We have streamlined our sites navigation to make it easier for you to find the content you're looking for
  We have made it easier for our customers to apply coupons to their membership purchase

But that is not all, we'll be announcing some really exciting new developments very soon.

Keep an eye on this space and on our Facebook and Twitter sites for more news.